What is Bunbury Central?

We are an incomparable movement of passionate local businesses and community members that are taking action to re-captivate, revive and revitalise the Bunbury CBD area.

We have created a website platform to increase the opportunity for people to rediscover fun and unique businesses, find things to do and have access to creating events. We want to give back to the community in an exciting, fun, funky, modern, adventurous and insta-worthy way.

Why be a part of Bunbury Central?

This project will increase the knowledge of existing companies in the CBD area in a way that has never been done in Bunbury before. It creates an opportunity to reach the local audiences and tourists in a more technologically advanced way.

What important things do you need to know?

This project has been initially funded by grants from Don Punch MP (Local Projects, Local Jobs) and the City of Bunbury. We intend to grow this program as a continuous and fully funded ongoing start-up community ecosystem, where we provide the planning and implementing of events and marketing strategies for the downtown area to thrive.

This is a not a for-profit organisation nor a governing body of executives that have interests other than providing a means of betterment and visibility to Bunbury Central. Any and all profits or grants will be put directly back into the community for events, strategy, marketing efforts and enhanced infrastructure/ambience.

In order to do this, you must understand that this is an all-inclusive community effort with the support of our committee and governing bodies to increase value and economics within our community.

Bunbury Central Project, made possible by