Afez of the Heart was established in 2001, by Jerry and Katrina, after travelling extensively through Turkey, Morocco and Jordan. Having experienced the rich culture and diversity of these countries, and wanting to continue to travel, they decided to recreate their own souk so that people in the South of Western Australia could also share and gain from this wonderful experience.

They began this journey with a passion for old carpets and textiles…

Jerry and Katrina now travel annually to India and Turkey and other destinations to source and gather the beautiful, the unique and the exotic so that you too can enjoy the traditional, quality craftmanship of these talented artisans. Many of these special pieces have been made for centuries for specific purposes and it is wonderful to be able to relate these stories to our customers and share this knowledge.

Afez of the Heart is often referred to as “an Aladdin’s Cave” and one can spend many hours exploring among the handmade textiles and rugs from India, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan; traditional handcrafted ceramics and tiles from Morocco, Turkey and India;
exotic lamps to create that beautiful ambiance, also from Morocco, Turkey and India; exquisite jewellery from Israeli artist, Ayala bar; Lapis lazuli stone, jewellery from Afghanistan and handcrafted painted and carved furniture, old and new, from Rajasthan, India and much, much more….

They invite you to come and experience the vibrant colours, textures and smells of the orient at Afez of the Heart.

Afez of the Heart
60 Victoria Street, Bunbury, Western Australia 6230