Brain Spice is a treasure trove of educational resources, puzzles, science toys, gadgets, games and books.  Many of our unique items are sourced directly from overseas.  Our shop is a hands-on environment, so that customers can try before they buy, or just have some fun.

Colin and  Christine, owners, teachers, and lovers of science, opened Brain Spice to inspire customers of all ages to reengage with the world around them, through creativity, discovery, and self challenge.

“I became disillusioned by the volume of artificial news, fake science, and pat answers that people are bombarded with every day.  It is easy to become cynical and disconnected in the confusion.  Our minds are amazing things, and our universe is still a mysterious and wondrous place.  I want people to question, explore, and rediscover the art of wonder!” exclaimed Colin.


Brain Spice
58a Victoria St Bunbury WA 6230