Market Eating House is a restaurant offering a casual, shared style of dining with a great selection of wines celebrating our region. They have also recently launch their offshoot, Market On The Road which specialises in a range of different catering options.

At Market, they aim to create a venue that is welcoming and accessible, letting their values and way of life be known through their food, service and hospitality. A custom made charcoal grill and wood fried oven take centre stage in their kitchen, exploring one of the most honest relationships, that of food and fire. The menu is seasonally reflective showcasing the abundance that this region has to offer. The dishes are prepared with the idea that the ingredients maintain their integrity and are best enjoyed sharing style, the way we eat at home, with our closest family and friends.  Above all, we hope to deliver an experience that reminds you of why it’s called the ‘hospitality’ industry in the first place.

Bec Pyke, owner and operator of Market Eating House says:

  • “The biggest motivator for us is to provide a good life for our young children aged 3 and 1. We also have over 20 staff working for us so we continually strive to provide a positive work environment for them to flourish in. At Market, we cook for our loyal customers, rather than for the awards and reviews, so we are always re-evaluating what we offer to ensure that we are satisfying the needs of our customers.”
Market Eating House
9 Victoria St. Bunbury, WA 6230