Fun name right? And when you step inside, there is even more fun to be had.

Hello, not rocket science, ShoeBeDoo sells shoes! Glorious, unashamedly gorgeous shoes. And bags. And clutches. Plus other fun things that they love (like parasols, hosiery, shoe care products … yess!!!)

And unlike alot of other retailers online selling shoes in Australia and internationally, they are Australians. They employ a fantastic team who are oh so full of shoe experience.

So why is that soooo important? They just don’t have a “buyer” who goes out and buys shoes just because.  ShoeBeDoo chooses the shoes themselves. They try each and every one on personally to know they are comfortable, well made, and that they fit well.

They listen to their customers, and They ask them what they want. What they need in a shoe.

ShoeBeDoo pours over fashion magazines (ok, this bit is not hard!) to make sure they are always on top of what is now and what is coming. They source their shoes and handbags from Australia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Israel, New York (yup, not technically a country, but WHAT a city!!)

And they love shoes!

So enjoy a truly hassle free shopping experience at ShoeBeDoo.


35 Stephen St, Bunbury WA 6230