Little changes make a big difference.

And when lots of people make littles changes the impact is massive. Eco Warehouse’s mission is to gather and provide options to help people reduce their impact on the planet with single use plastic waste and chemical use around the home.

Michael McAllister (owner)and his family take pride in knowing that every reusable product they sell is making a small difference and that by making it easier for people to access environmentally friendly products, they are making it easier to effect change and secure a better future for our kids. Plus, they enjoy making their own products and learning with their customers as they go!

Eco Warehouse is one of the only businesses in the southwest and possibly the whole of WA that is solely about providing options to help the environment and reduce our impact. They have a range of ingredients available for sale by weight for people to make their own cosmetics and cleaning products, and previously many of these were not available in Bunbury and had to be purchased online.

Eco Warehouse
43C Stephen Street