The Townhouse is a boutique coffee house and cafe situated in the centre of Bunbury, Western Australia.

They have an ever evolving menu of dishes made with quality, local produce, and use beans from one of Australia’s best roasters – Perth based Mano a Mano, who The Townhouse loves because they source ethically, sustainably, and with integrity.

The Townhouse has an indoor seating area that seats around 30, and a banging backyard featuring wall murals by local artists that can host about 30 more – they’re warm and heated in winter, and air-conditioned in summer (as well as a fine mist for the outdoors to keep the bugs away!).
They have “Death Before Decaf” inscribed on our walls, but really they just like to make your day by making damn good coffee, whatever your order. 
The Townhouse
39 Victoria St, Bunbury WA 6230