Lauretta Peirce’s system of nutritional medicine combined with kinesiology muscle biofeedback will have your body balanced & working correctly again in no time.

Her passion is helping people to overcome or manage the stress & strains of life & all that life brings with it including anxiety, depression, weight issues, skin problems, musculoskeletal injuries, learning issues, that well known brain fog state people have come accustomed to and digestive dysfunction; to name but a few of the chronic illnesses we Australians are facing today.
Identifying causative problems, addressing core issues and drivers of disease as well as encouraging the introduction of whole food diets high in nutrients allows our clients to leave those heavy burdens of poor physical health behind, feel in control again & continue to lead a healthy life for long term psychological, physiological health.
The beautiful new clinic located in the heart of Bunbury’s CBD is an oasis hideaway, a grounding space for you & your family to feel at peace, supported & nurtured.
As well as adopting a recycled, reuse approach when and where possible she aims to stock unique products which are locally sourced & thus leave a low carbon footprint as well as play host to events such as meditation classes, raw food demonstrations and the like.
It is her greatest pleasure to help you continue on your journey to health and happiness by bringing the city of Bunbury a unique style of health care.
Your Body Stress Solutions
15/135 Victoria St, Bunbury WA 6230