A great day in our store is when customers come in to browse, not knowing what they will find.  They find that piece that brings a smile to their face and they start to reminisce about how their parents or grandparents used to have something like it. They leave the store happy and say they will tell everyone about our store.

The thing that excites me most about Bunbury is the history and memories of the area.  Bunbury is an area with many knowledgeable people. Being in business here allows us to access that knowledge and hopes they will be part of that history in years to come.


Still a new business to Bunbury, Black2Recycle has a yearly tradition of closing the store for the AFL Grand Final (Only if West Coast Eagles make the Grand Final).


Biggest challenge in the business is providing that perfect item for the ladies.  We are overloaded with things for the men like ‘man cave’ things, tools, signs, camping gear and more.


It’s the Knick knacks, cute vases and quirky things that ladies like to collect or want that we find difficult to get a hold of.  As a second-hand store, those pieces are hard to find in a condition we like to re-sell.


Over the next five years, I would love to relocate to a bigger premise with a kitchen area so that I can create a real gathering area for people to sit have a coffee and browse.  Our hopes are to be that go to business to find that item not found elsewhere.  A place that feels like home.