What is the perfect day at Market Eating House?

A really great day at Market starts off with the arrival of the chefs at 9.30am. Regardless of whether we open at 5.30pm or midday we will have passionate chefs here from the morning prepping the fresh, local produce that features on our regularly changing menu. The front of house staff will arrive later on to prepare for a busy service by responding to a wide range of reservation and catering enquiries, updating our regularly changing wine list and setting the dining room so that it is ready to welcome our guests. Guests that on any given day are made up of people travelling from far and wide along with familiar, local faces, eagerly awaiting their next Market fix. A great service for us here at Market involves a busy, bustling service, filled with both satisfied customers and happy staff and ends with a well-deserved glass of Geographe wine after all has been packed down.

Describe the vision that you have for the future of your business.

In 5 years’ time, we aim to have cemented our place as Bunbury’s best restaurant whilst being consistently busy in both the restaurant and catering sides of the business. We endeavour to have a solid team of skilled staff that we can continue to grow the business with.

What excites you most about being a business in Bunbury?

The sense of community is what excites us the most! We feel nothing but support from other local business owners and community members. We look forward to when we will have more time to allow us to be more involved.

Do you have any yearly traditions that you have implemented in your business?

We open for a special Mother’s Day breakfast each year and we also hold an annual event in October/November called ‘A Spring Feast in Guppy Park’ celebrating the award winners from the Geographe Wine Show. We also aim to have a fundraiser event each year and we have donated to South West Refuge and Cook for Syria in the past. We also support Bunbury Neighbourhood Soup by providing the soup and have done since we opened our doors 3 years ago.

What are the biggest challenges that you have come across in running your business?

We find it very difficult to provide such a high level of both food and service whilst also keep our wage and food costs in line and ensuring that our staff are being fairly compensated (and not overworked). Most people don’t understand what it actually costs to put delicious food on the plate.