Being a contemporary museum, Bunbury Museum & Heritage Centre is here to tell the stories of Bunbury’s history and its people. Check out what a day looks like at the Museum.

Please provide an example of what a really great day looks like at your organisation.

A really great day at the Museum happens nearly every day. It sounds corny, but every day is different. We have interactive workshops full of happy people, both young and old. School groups come to visit. People pop in off the street with items and stories of historical significance to donate to us. Community groups get involved and have time here. Our entrance door barely stops opening with a steady influx of visitors daily.


All in all, a great day is one where we have visitors come through who are interested in learning about the history of the area and are happy with the experience we provide.

Describe the vision that you have for the future of your organisation. Where would you like it to be in five years?

We have an exciting vision for the future of the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre.

Being a contemporary museum, we are here to tell the stories of Bunbury’s history and its people.  We aim to improve how these stories are delivered, making more exhibits interactive for visitors and bringing in virtual reality to the museum. How wonderful would it be for anyone around the world to log in and experience our vibrant history? To have people interact within a virtual display?


What excites you most about being a Bunbury organisation?

Bunbury is a growing, vibrant city. Being a part of that, interacting with other businesses, schools, groups and events is very exciting! We love seeing the range of visitors that visit the Museum, some who come to learn about our cultural history and those that contribute to it.


Do you have any yearly traditions that you have implemented in your organisation?

We have only been open for two years, so we are a very new business. Having said that, we would love to implement some traditions that will involve the public and a historical perspective – all suggestions welcome.


What are the biggest challenges that you have come across in running your organisation?

Our biggest challenge – because we are relatively new – is getting our profile out there and letting people know that we are here. To assist this, we are now open six days a week (Tuesday-Sunday) and we are actively increasing our marketing efforts.