The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery is such a beautiful and great addition to Bunbury’s famous art and culture vibe. Find out what a day looks like at BRAG.

Please provide an example of what a really great day looks like at your organisation.

A great day for staff at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) always begins with stopping by to enjoy the beautiful heritage building and engage with art on display at the Gallery. The BRAG team always love providing tours, and the steady flow of visitors brings life to the six gallery spaces to be found at BRAG. We provide a great variety of public programs and workshops, most of which are free to attend and many running in the afternoon, keeping the building abuzz with life well into the evening.


Describe the vision that you have for the future of your organisation. Where would you like it to be in five years?    

The team at BRAG is excited and committed to bringing the best of art to the South West. We reach out to the community, connecting people and ideas through the power of art. Our vision is to be creative, inclusive and innovative in the way we connect to the community with our exhibitions and public programs.


What excites you most about being a Bunbury organisation?

Bunbury has a thriving arts community and growing choices for cultural and meaningful recreation. At BRAG, we see ourselves as having a responsibility to support the community, and in doing so, provide support and partnership to many local organisations for events and programs.


Do you have any yearly traditions that you have implemented in your organisation?

BRAG was born on the 14 February 1987, revitalising the old heritage convent. Now in its 32nd year as the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, the date is a special day for staff and stakeholders in the Gallery’s history. The biennial South West Art Now and Bunbury Biennale and annual Iluka Visions and Noongar Country exhibitions are major highlights on our calendar.


What are the biggest challenges that you have come across in running your organisation?

The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery is always on the go. Organising nearly 30 exhibitions a year, throughout six gallery spaces, as well as numerous public programs, BRAG is the largest public art gallery in the South West. With opening nights and Artist Talks occurring throughout the year, the busy team always supports one another to bring these projects to the public.