We open the doors at 9am, the sun is shining, the buzz of the morning breakfast crowds fill the local cafes and walkways.

We crank up the tunes and get ready.  An early customer is always a good sign and we love showing them the latest arrivals and having a chat about life in general. We love our regulars who we have got to know as friends, not customers over all the years.  And we always have the tourist, which we enjoy finding out where they have travelled and suggest to them our local businesses and attractions.

10am is coffee time and we are spoilt by choice and supporting our local neighbours.

New stock arrives daily and that’s always exciting, hanging and displaying in-store. We love taking new photos to upload on our social media and keep our customers in touch with all the new arrivals.

We are always so busy that before you realise, it’s 5pm and time to close the doors and back in the morning to do it all again 🙂

Bunbury has this unique shopping strip of amazing niche stores which offer individuality and personality that you don’t get in large shopping centres.  Our restaurants and cafes are amazing, with so much choice.  This will continue to evolve as new development takes place in the Outer Harbour project and hopefully more people will settle in Bunbury, bringing vitality.  Every day we have more tourists that are staying here not passing through, which makes us happy.

I have seen so many challenges in my 17 years.  The wonderful busy days and the challenges faced with the transition taking place. Then following that the development of major outer suburbs shopping centres which impacted the habits of shoppers and the mining downturn.

All these factors where huge impacts that we had no control over, but we had to adjust to survive. So, we down scaled our inventory, relocated, cut our overheads, we now operate a leaner and more efficient business. The challenge now is to remain competitive with a 7 day Shopping Strip whilst balancing family time and continuing to deliver a unique CBD for locals and tourists now and into the future.

In 5 years’, time, we would love to be right here doing what we love, introducing new fashion and giftware to the locals.