For Colin – founder and owner of Brain Spice in Koombana Court on Victoria Street – this very product represents all that he wishes for his customers.  As an actual scientist, Colin appreciates the fascinating scientific side of his range of educational toys, but fundamentally it is the “wow” factor that really inspires him.


  • In this digital age where so much information is available to anyone with a smart phone, Brain Spice challenges us to question what we are told, delve deeper than the “facts”, and take the time to wonder at our astonishing world.


The Brain Spice experience is something different.  Something real, tactile, and exciting.


We won’t kid you – some of these toys can be tricky to master.  But it is the process of investigating, testing, understanding what’s going on, and adjusting our approach that is the real intention and benefit of these gadgets.  The hands-on ‘play table’ gives us that chance, and it is updated weekly with new puzzles, board games, tricks, and science toys to try.  The products have been thoughtfully curated to appeal to all ages and abilities – you’re never too old to be surprised!  With his trusty team of test drivers, Colin scrutinises prospective products before they hit the shelves so that he can be confident they will deliver that “wow”.


  • Colin is optimistic about the future of the centre of Bunbury, and intentionally positioned Brain Spice in the centre of town for the natural light, fresh air, and vibrant city character not present in major shopping centres.  Four years on, his store has proven to be a true draw card for Bunbury.


A visit to Brain Spice can be a unique and inspiring experience.  So bring your curious mind, leave your fear of failure at the door, and rediscover the art of wonder through creative, self-challenging play.